We think the best way to provide care to you and your organisation 'out there' is to have doctors, nurses or paramedics trained in critical illness deployed with your organisation, 'at the coalface', so that if something goes wrong, help is right there.

We look to achieve this in a number of different ways

For large events, we have a sea-container-based medical service. We can deploy a 20-foot (6m) sea container which has a fully self-contained emergency medicine clinic inside, virtually anywhere. It functions like a clinic but is also a portable resuscitation room, equipped with cardiac monitor, defibrillator, oxygen and essential equipment and medications to save lives. Together with one of our DeployED Doctors, Nurses or Paramedics, this is an ideal solution for large, fixed-location events such as music festivals and other large gatherings. Multiple containers will eventually be able to be added together in a modular format depending on your requirements

For expeditions, we recommend a single operator to accompany the expedition, or two if it's a large one. These expert emergency caregivers can care for the medical needs of your crew and be on hand to respond to any emergency. They come with carefully-selected gear to maximise portability and ability to deal with any situation. Depending on context and patients, our team can be deployed with an automated defibrillator and other advanced equipment as needed.

We can also provide emergency-trained Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics for any situation, whether it be a hospital Emergency Department, sporting event (including combat sports) or for team-care. Just talk to us about your needs and let us tailor a solution to you.

Supply Event Medical Staff

We provide Event Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics to suit the requirements of your event. While we suggest using our established teams, each practitioner can also individually complement your own existing infrastructure.

Event Doctors

Whether you need one event doctor or 10, DeployED can help. Our highly qualified and trained Emergency and Critical Care trained doctors all have experience in Event Medicine and will be well placed to lead healthcare teams at your event.

Event Nurses

DeployED Nurses work in tandem with Event Doctors and form an essential component of our highly trained healthcare team. All DeployED Nurses have years of critical care experience to enable them to deal with any eventuality.


DeployED Paramedics are a core component of our healthcare delivery system. They are able to independently assess and treat patients with a variety of conditions in the field, and retrieve patients back to the Medical Base for further intervention and stabilisation.

Rural and Remote Self-Contained Event Medical Service

DeployED can mobilise a self-contained medical clinic to service your event. Contact us for more information.

Supply Advanced Life Support (Level 1 & 2) Instructors

If your educational institution is running, or planning to implement, ALS 1 or 2 courses, DeployED can help. We can supply ALS instructors, course directors and medical directors to suit your course needs. Contact us for more information.